About Us

Mrs. Healy and Addie

The First Congregational Church of Chesterfield strives to create a community of faith that:

  • nurtures people’s relationship with God;
  • provides children a loving and supportive place to develop a foundation of faith; and
  • helps our neighbors in need through difficult times.

We are a small, dedicated congregation that strives to develop our spiritual life, support one another and our community.  We are served by the Rev. Douglas Small.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have questions when looking for a church.  Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to these questions.  For more information about the church, we would encourage you to contact someone from the church or stop by one Sunday and check us out.  If you do come, be sure to stay for coffee hour!

What is Congregationalism?
Congregationalism is a protestant denomination which values local autonomy and encourages a personal and direct relationship with God.

What is a typical worship service like?

Our worship services include community hymns, prayer, announcements of community events, children’s time, choral and instrumental music, reflection on scripture, offering and blessing.  The service begins at 10:30 A.M. every Sunday and lasts about an hour.  See the program of a recent service (PDF).

Do I need to be a member of this church to attend the services and be active in the congregation?

No.  You may attend any services you wish and become as active in the church as you want without being a member.  Many do.  The only thing you cannot do, if you are not a member, is hold a church office or vote on church matters at meetings.  The choice of whether to become a member of the church is yours.

Once I come to a service, will I be expected to come every week?

No.  The amount of time you are able to come is up to you and your individual circumstances and needs.  We will be happy to see you whenever you come!

Do you serve communion?

Yes.  Communion is served as a part of the worship service the first Sunday of every month.  We offer both wine and grape juice.  The bread and wine or grape juice are distributed to you as you sit in the pew.  We hold the bread and wine or grape juice until everyone has theirs.  We then eat and drink together.  All are welcome to join in the communion ceremony.  The choice to participate in communion is yours.

Do I have to live in Chesterfield to attend?

No.  Many people do live in Chesterfield, but we also have people who travel from surrounding towns, including Middlefield, Florence, Goshen, and Westhampton.

How many people attend the church?

Attendance ranges between 30 and 100.  A normal week will have about 40 people in worship service, including many who are not members and who have been coming for years.

Will my child disrupt the service?

No, not at all.   Our church is very “kid friendly.”  In addition, the children are in the service for only a few minutes at the beginning before going to Sunday school.  Learn more about our “Youth Programs.

How many children attend the church?

Over the last couple of years, we have seen an increase in young families attending our church.  There are 5-15 children at our Sunday school each week.  Most of the children attend New Hingham Elementary School.  Learn more about our “Youth Programs.”


Do you offer an opportunity to get to know people from the church?

Yes.  We have a ‘fellowship' or 'coffee' hour each Sunday after the service in which everyone is invited to meet in the dining room for a cup of coffee and something sweet.  This informal time is an important opportunity to get to know each other, share our thoughts, experiences, and even a laugh, and give support where it is needed.   You will find that we are a very friendly congregation.  You won’t have to worry about not having someone to talk to. Each week a different person signs up to host the coffee hour.  The baked goods are not to be missed!

Does your church work in the community?

Yes. Our church is a regular participant in efforts such as the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and Church World Service’s Crop Hunger Walk.  We also support the Hilltown Food Pantry, donate Christmas gifts to children in need, and collect money for the Heifer International Project.

We also strive to be a source of resources, comfort, and assistance to people and families within our community.

History of the First Congregational Church of Chesterfield?

The Chesterfield Congregational Church was organized in 1764.  In 1768 the first meeting house was erected in Chesterfield’s original town center at the intersection of Damon Pond and Wilcut Roads.   In 1791 the building was taken down and re-erected at the present site on Main Road.  Then in 1835 a second church was built on the same site using much of the timber from the older meeting house. Our church is also proud to have a historic Johnson Tracker Organ believed to be one of 60 or fewer still existing.  The building itself offers a beautiful and historic place to gather and worship.

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