A baptism and two new members...what a day!

becky-sherri-join-webIn the life of a church, baptism and welcoming new members is about as big as it gets.  This past Sunday we did both!

Becky Brisbois has been participating in the life of our church for many years and contributes in many ways from helping with monthly breakfasts to making our new Christmas pageant costumes.  Most recently, Becky started teaching Sunday school.  Becky decided to take the step to become baptized and to become an official member of the church.

Sherry Whitmore started attending our church within the last couple of years.  In that time, she has brought a wonderful energy to the church and even filled the pulpit one Sunday, sharing with us her experience at a recent convention of christian women. In addition, Sherry, who owns a petting zoo, set up a living manger scene at the church during the town of Chesterfield's luminary lighting.  It's not every day you see a camel standing in the center of Chesterfield!

In a ceremony during our service, Reverend Small first baptized Becky and then made both Becky and Sherry members of the church.  Click here to see photos Our church community is richer for their presence in our midst!

Though we are very pleased that Becky and Sherry have joined, please know that everyone is welcome at our church.  You need not be a member to attend or even be a very active particpant in the life of the church.


Pie Contest

smith-2012-pie-champ-web2Our third annual pie contest was another big success with 10 pie entries from some of the best bakers around.  Entries ranged from classic apple pies, to refreshing key lime, to ice cream pie with strawberries on top!  

While all of the pies were delicious, there can be only one winner.  We are very pleased to announce this year's pie champion is Mr. Dick Scott of Somers, CT with a delicious wild blueberry pie!  Mr. Scott wins bragging rights as the area's premier pie maker.  Sorry, Doug Small, Sr........it could be a LONG year.

While there were some moans that the title went to an "out-of-towner", which should provide some extra motivation for next year's contest, there could be no denying the tastiness of his pie.  Mr. Scott timed the cooking of the pie perfectly, arriving to the contest with a fresh warm pie.  Congratulations, Mr. Scott!

brisbois-second-place-webThis year's second place finishers were the brother and sister team of Maggie and Andy Brisbois with a famous Brisbois family apple pie.  The Brisbois family starts the pie training very young, which is what makes them such expert bakers.  There is a lot of pressure to carry on the Brisbois pie making tradition, but Maggie and Andy have proven that they are up for the challenge!

It is particularly noteworthy that the winner and second place finishers represent the oldest and youngest of our church community.  I don't know what's happening to "the middle", but we sure have it covered on the ends.

In total, the pie contest raised over $300 dollars. Thank you to all who participated as bakers, tasters, and contributers.  The only thing better than the pie was the fellowship while the pie was being eaten!

A special thanks to Peter and Cindy Oligny for all of their efforts in organizing another successful pie contest!


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