Youth Programs


Over the last few years, we have seen a growing number of young families begin attending our church. Our church is very kid friendly, so please don't worry about your child being noisy. Children are very welcome! Supporting children as they grow is one of the greatest joys of our community of faith. Our church offers various programs for your child dependent on their age. Below is a breakdown of those programs:

Child Care: Most weeks, a child care provider is available to watch children ages 1-3 during the service.

Sunday School: Worship service begins with children and adults together in the sanctuary. After an opening hymn, sharing of joys and concerns, and a children's story, the kids go off to Sunday school.

Sunday school is available for children ages 4-12 from September through May. There are typically three Sunday school classes. Each year children are divided into classes based on their age and the number of children. Bible based lessons are taught from materials developed specifically for their age through craft projects, activities, and games that relate to the lesson. As children transition from third to fourth grade, they are given their own copy of a bible to encourage their interest in exploring the bible and their own relationship with God. Children finish Sunday school at the same time the worship services ends so that everyone may enjoy coffee hour together.

Each year, the children of the church put on a Christmas pageant. See this year's Christmas pageant. The children also host a "Children's Sunday€" worship service in the spring. This is a great opportunity for the children to be a part of the congregation, let the congregation know what they have been learning and to highlight their special talents, such as playing an instrument, in a supportive, friendly environment.

In addition, our church offers a special early evening Children's Christmas Eve service comprised of the telling of the Christmas story and the singing of hymns.

Confirmation Class: As the children become young adults, they are offered the opportunity to become members of the congregation. This is voluntary and doesn'€™t happen at a specific age, rather when the young person chooses to take that step, typically when they are 14 - 16 years old. Those children wishing to become members meet together several times with our pastor to talk about our church and what it means to be a Christian in today'€™s world. A ceremony during one of our worship services follows in which the young adults are received into membership.

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